Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Move

We had to repack everything, so easy task. (Remember those 24 checked bags? Well, stuff expands after being unpacked…).   This is lining up the stuff in the hotel hallway, and that's not all of it.

In the excitement of finding a place and moving, we forgot to tell the nice married couple neighbors on our hall we were leaving, and they came and gave us a farewell gift for the baby (the hat):

We had some elders (missionaries from church) come over and give "service hours" and help with the loading — into the same Ford Transit that picked us up from the airport. At least he didn't get lost this time, at least until we were about three blocks away, then we went around in circles several times before he got it right.

Then it was elders from church helping with the unloading, in countless trips up the elevator.  And then sister missionaries plus a good friend from Novosibirsk helping cleaning: washing down the kitchen, rinsing out the curtains, etc. And then figuring out where to put everything.

Another big task: a big "shkaff", or wardrobe, had to be disassembled and moved from one room to another.  That took Daddy and two elder missionaries the better part of two hours.

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