Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Mommy

This little hand is E giving Mommy flowers for her birthday.

These are the flowers she made.

Happy Birthday Mommy -- candles on the omlet for breakfast.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Playing on the Playground

This is a very interesting circle on the playground literally outside our front door.  You can walk around it, or stand in one place and it turns.

This is E riding her bike in the big park across the street and tram tracks from our house.

This is in our own playground.  Each time A tried throwing the ball it ended up behind her.  

This is our two year old hiding in a train structure in the park across the street.  

This is our four year old K on top of the train structure. 

This is another view of E on a bike, this time in the playground outside our front door. 

This is a view of our playground with our building in the background, facing the door we go in.  Our apartment is on the seventh floor, the windows where the small balcony is not enclosed with windows. This is the small tail end of a building roughly the shape of a U, with the top of the U on each side bent inward (this is the turned in part).  The ground floor of our building houses two pharmacies, a grocery store, a hardware store in the basement, and two doctors offices.  Our entryway has two floors which is part of a preschool (Not the one we go to, unfortunately).  The building has 8 entryways, each with its own elevator, with four apartments on each of floors 2 through 8 or 9.  Apartments range in size from 1 room to four rooms (ours).  Six of the doorways (including ours) face into the central courtyard, half of which is this playground, the other half is just grass and trees.  Someone once had a flower garden in that latter part, but we do not know whether that gets renewed every year or not, since we have only been in this building since November 1st.  

Literally two buildings away from us is the entrance to the subway, which is considered absolutely prime location in Moscow, that is, to walk 5 minutes to the subway, any stop, is considered better than any building where one needs a bus or tram to get to a metro.