Saturday, February 14, 2015

But I Cant Wait Until I am 8

For then I'll be baptised, you see--

The Big Day, The Big Event...

14 February 2015 2 pm Moscow Time (GMT +3)

Church built building (only font in city of Moscow) located at Moskvarech'e 21, Moscow, Russia

Yes, E picked Valentine's Day for her baptism. 

And, for those who keep track, as a child of record, she was entitled to be confirmed during the same service, which she chose to do.  This happens so rarely in Russia that some members were confused on Sunday -- why wasnt she confirmed at church like the converts? 

Baptised by Dad

Confirmed by Dad, assisted by two Russian members (who were also formal witnesses for the baptism).

The special girl:

Proud father and daughter

Our family

Four of the sister missionaries who helped teach E the lessons before baptism.  She met with them since August, two of them are now in other cities so they couldnt come. 

Missionaries and us... 

We invited members from our Russian speaking ward in which we reside, and also the English speaking ward which have been visiting lately.  Only one person came from the English ward, because she was giving a talk.  One other excused herself in advance, while the others just didnt bother.

From our Russian ward, this is a photo of most of the people who came.  The man holding the little girl came despite the fact his wife had a baby that morning.  Another family texted in the middle of the meeting to apologize that they were stuck in a huge traffic jam/gridlock, and wouldnt make it, two others called ahead to say they were sick, and two others couldnt come because they were organizing the Young adult conference which was scheduled for Valentines Day.  A few saw us on Sunday and had forgotten, but most of our Russian friends either battled odds or tried really hard to make it.  

The three ladies nearest E have been pinch-hit kid minders for us, ie have been to our house.  The younger one with the long hair is currently the Primary president, while the man in the white shirt was the designee from the bishop to preside and conduct.  In the second photo, the man with the curly hair teaches the 2-yr olds in nursery, and has on occassion been able to give us a lift home.  

We also had a total of 10 or 12 missionaries, but we didnt manage a photo with all of them.  They sang "Nephis Courage" (Primary songbook). It turned out great! (can you just picture 10 enthusaistic 20-year old men and women belting out "I will go, I will Do!" -- yeah, it was cool).

Her presents, some of which E got given during the meeting so we couldnt take a picture of the gifting.  

These treats were supplied by the missionaries (we brought juice and store bought cookies, but only had to open up the juice).  

Presents _and_ treats (which Mommy let them eat as much as they wanted) -- awesome!

"Our turn next" 

the girl in pink is named the same as our middle daughter, and is her special friend from Primary (about 4 months younger than our K).

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Each brings a greater joy to me

E's 8 year old birthday party.  At our apartment, beginning 3 pm, was supposed to last until 5.

Planned activities: make cards or other paper crafts (ready supply of pencils, colored papers, stick glue, scissors), pin the tail on the dog (E painted the dog herself), cake (E chose no ice cream), open presents from guests. All the planned activities took half an hour.

Spontaneous activities, dreamed up by the girls (these are three of her friends from school, so they have lots of experience playing together at recess etc): crawling in the Dora tunnel or standing it up and dancing in it, piling baloons in the Dora tent, popping the balloons, playing with the presents they gave E, taking out ALL the kid dressup clothes (we have a suitcaseful) and trying on everything that would fit, bouncing on the exercise ball, playing hide and seek (we had NO idea that our 4 rooms had so many good hiding spots, and not the usual under the bed!), and bouncing on the bunk bed (which they all thought was cool, no one had ever seen one for real).

One girl brought a younger sister (without asking, I might add), who is 3, and she played quietly on her own or with our 2-going-on-five-year old A.  Only K, our four-year-and-half year old, wanted to join in and got left out.

E wanted her friends to stay and watch some movies, but we said, no, its already late.  The girls called their parents (who knew so many 7 year olds had cell phones?) and the last guest left at 6.30.  We were exhausted, but the birthday girl had fun.  Of course, no one got to bed on time that night....