Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feed the birds...

..tuppence a bag, or about that.  We saved bits of bread for those ubiquitous urban dwellers, pidgeons.  

But first, the "carousel."  Between K in pink and E in pink, A is the one in blue and grey today.  Yes, she has a huge wardrobe.  Not all of it easy to tell she's a girl.

Nor is a puffy snowsuit all that easy to walk in.

Though she got the hang of it enough to go exploring, ignoring for the moment the birds scavenging the bread crumbs E and K were tossing out.

Here are all three watching the birds.  This is the "little square" nearest our hotel.

Crusts of bread: 10 cents (plus some crumbs in the hotel room).  Smiles on their faces: priceless. 

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