Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy

Continuing the trend of eating cake and dashing out the door for birthdays, this was daddy's turn.  He is all dressed up to get on a plane to go to Novosibirsk for another junket.  He had to leave first thing in the morning, so the kids saw him for a total of half an hour on his birthday.

But we couldn't not have something, even though it was breakfast time, so this is a bought pastry as a cake stand-in.  After the song, of course.

This is after he successfully defeated the self-relighting trick candles:

Happy Birthday, daddy.

Of course, for kids, any excuse to eat cake for breakfast is a good one.

P.S. Later that same day, our good friends in Novosibirsk Mark and Irina met him, let him stay in a relative's empty apartment, and brought him a real cake and stayed to help him eat it.  So he got a birthday party after all.

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