Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Double stroller, Moscow style

In January (the first day of preschool) the front wheel on our Joovy Sit & stand (two person) stroller snapped off when it hit an ice rock.  Given that the red stroller snapped clean in two over the winter holidays, this left us with no stroller.  A kind family at church, who also have three small children, have loaned us their "travel lite" stroller, for which A is too big, but we use anyway.

In April, when S went to the US for a conference (most but not all travel expenses paid by the employer), S stocked up on a lot of things which are much cheaper in the US (kids clothes) and things that are hard/impossible to find.  One of them, a mail order Joovy replacement front wheel.  (which is actually quite easy in the US).

So, since the end of April, we have been using 2 strollers--the little one any time we have to navigate stairs/escalators (that is, every trip on public transportation), and the big one for local trips around our house.

It is not for the ability to carry a second child for which the return of the Joovy is such a welcome occasion.  On the contrary, both older children want a turn to ride on back, and it causes more contention than it is worth (since they are both fully capable of walking.)

It is, in this pedestrian world, for its hauling capacity that the Sit & Stand earns our current praise and gratitude:

This is home from a nearby supermarket.  Not a cheap store, but well stocked.   Note the 5 kilo bag of laundry detergent in the mesh basket underneath.  The red bag is one of two bags that size, each at least 5 kilos, then the large size diaper packet on top.  So in addition to A, the stroller is also hauling another 40 lbs of stuff we bought.

Hurrah for Joovy!

[No consideration was received for this endorsement :-)]

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