Friday, September 9, 2016

Back To School Tarzan!

E's 3rd year class is back in session (as of 1 September).  Her class celebrated "Health Day" by an outside adventure day (during school time!).  They went to an outdoor climbing park.  Here is E ready for the climbing course with her best friend:

This year, unlike last year, K was old enough to also do the course.  Here the three are ready for the course:

The climbing course is built around existing trees (and some man-made poles where necessary).  Around the trees are built platforms to switch ropes.

They had a separate little course for the ones too small for the climbing course.  Here is A ready for her course:

The under-6 course is entirely encased in nets (see below) and only about 2 feet off the ground.  A climbed through it a couple of times, and had a bit of fun, but really wanted to be on the big course.

The big kid course is a series of different obstacles between trees.  This one is pretty typical.

This was the penultimate challenge on the course.  On the left is K and on the right is one of the staff who climbed up to coach her through it.

The course ends with a zipline, managed at both ends by the staff.  This is K going down.

This is E's turn.

This isn't technically part of the course, but the sign out front.  Here is K.

And here is E, who got stuck.  The park is appropriately enough called Monkey Park (in English letters.)

The girls had so much fun they are begging to go back.

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