Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy Birthday 4 Year Old!

A's birthday was a Sunday, so we shared some candy and cookies (and cocoa) with the other children in Primary after the meetings were finished.  Yes, this table seats all the children who were there that day (one girl is to the right out of the frame, making a total of 10 children (three belong to us, and two to another family) present that day.  This happens to be all girls.  Usually we have a couple of boys.  We had more, but two just aged out.  

Then, after we got home from church and cleaned up a bit,A got to start opening her presents, beginning with a card from Grandma B.

The sister missionaries (or as we call them now in Russia "volunteers") came over and A opened up a present from them (a coloring book).

She loved the purse from Grandma S.

Then she got her choice for dinner--she picked beef teryaki (which we had just cooked the other day, which is why it was on her mind).  Then, after dinner some other friends from church came over in time for her to have CAKE---
Homemade, chocolate inside, pink frosting mix outside, decorated with chocolate chips.

Mostly the activity of the evening was playing dressup.  From L to R, A as Tinkerbell with a Christmas hat on, then our friend from church Dasha as Cinderella (with a Russian princess headdress), E as an Elf (with another Russian Princess headress), and Dasha's older sister Sonya in a pioneer bonnet and apron.

Evidently this TinkerBell is an Archer.

As the guests leave, we finally realized we would need a photo.  This is the "volunteers, with Dasha and K and A.

This is everybody but the photographer: E as the Archer, the volunteers, Sonya, Sasha, Varya, A, K and Sonya/Dasha/Varya's mother Julia.

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